Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A new forum that I just designed 2 days back

Please CLICK HERE to take a look at the forum. This has been designed on request for an online gaming clan called as Heroes of the Horde who play over a private server of World of Warcraft.

I'm the administrator who designs the entire system and is responsible for its rigidity. My job is to manage groups, create substantial topics for people to take interest in. Validate the users of the forum and the clan manually, provide access to the genuine members of the clan, decide access permissions of each forum.

Also includes designing of the theme, colors, icons, buttons, and every possible thing you see on the forum. I hope you like it :)
Parikksit Bhisay

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh, and please comment if you've downloaded any. So that I have some stats. Also your comments will make more people download them.
some more...

Some more.... kareena WP is kinda weird... but looks good... more legs :D



Hellow everyone!

I here, after searching a lot over the net and failed, would be providing some High Resolution wallpapers for your Galaxy S. There aren't much sources available over the net.

These wallpapers I'm providing are perfectly matched for your phone's resolution. You may also email me a certain High Res pic which I definitely will provide a wallpaper for.

Please keep your Screen 1 blank, coz all the wallpapers have been designed so to occupy the gist of the image on screen 1. You may use screen 2 and onwards for your own purpose (widgets, shortcuts, etc.)

Minimum number of screens to be used is 2! Thanks!

NOTE: While applying wallpaper, please maximize the orange window to occupy the entire picture. :)

Oh and btw, please click on the image, enlarge it and save it to your PC and then transfer to your phone. Once the phone finds that file, go into gallery>Open the wallpaper>More>set as>wallapaper>maximize the orange window. And you're done :)